How Wind Chimes Can Bring Harmony To Your House

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How Wind Chimes Can Bring Harmony To Your House

Wind chimes play a very important role in Feng Shui. Apart from providing you with a good melody, they also help in attracting positive energy to your house. It is no wonder then that they have been used since time immemorial by the Chinese for bringing harmony to your house.

In modern times, the use of wind chimes has been extended to all cultures. It is no longer restricted to China owing to the large scale popularization of this concept around the globe. Keeping this in mind, it has become essential that we too embrace the benefits of wind chimes to make our houses melodious and harmonious.

This article provides you with an overview of the different kinds of wind chimes and how they can bring harmony to your house with their fine melodies. Here we discuss the different materials that are used for making these wind chimes like metal, bamboo and ceramic wind chimes. Then we provide you with the correct directions in which these different types of chimes should be placed in order to get the best results followed by a few more important things. In this way, we guide you in this procedure so as to help you spruce up your house the right way.

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Read on to find out how wind chimes can bring more harmony to your house. This will definitely hold you in good stead when you want to ameliorate the ambiance of your rooms. So let us first start our discussion by mentioning the different kinds of wind chimes that we have.

1.     Metal wind chimes

Metal wind chimes are mainly effective for attracting wealth in residential and commercial spaces. They are extremely potent at reducing the level of energy that is present in your houses. These wind chimes are mainly made of steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and bronze. They should be used in the North and Northwest as they are prominent metal element areas. They can also be used in the water areas of the North as metal gives rise to water according to the Chinese theory of five elements.

2.     Bamboo wind chimes

A gentle and crackling sound is produced when bamboo wind chimes hit into each other. They are especially useful in removing negative energy and inducing a sense of calmness and relaxation in the minds of those who listen to it. The soft music that is produced by these chimes is ideal for children’s bedrooms as it helps them to rest during periods of hyperactivity. Bamboo wind chimes are also proper for installations that are present outdoors. Bamboo wind chimes are perfect for the East that is a wood area and also the South that is a fire area as wood produces fire. It is also appropriate for the Southeast areas of your house.

3.     Ceramic wind chimes

If you really want to have an exotic showpiece for your garden or your yard, then ceramic wind chimes are the best option. They come in unique designs and styles that are economical too. The best places to use it are the Northeast that is used for knowledge luck, the Southwest that is appropriate for love and romance luck and the center that is used for health luck sectors of your home. All the above-mentioned sectors are the Earth energy sectors. This is how ceramic wind chimes can help you enhance this sector of your house.

4.     Relevant directions for wind chimes

For learning the relevant directions for wind chimes, you need to study the Ba Gua charts in the proper way. Ba gua is the Chinese location element that helps you find out the exact place where you need to keep the wind chime. In Chinese, ba means eight and refers to the eight directions that are present in the world.

When you are choosing the right wind chimes, you need to ensure that it matches with the amount of space that is available. It is also essential that it matches with elements of the area that are the appropriate ones. These relevant directions for wind chimes have already been mentioned earlier in the preceding paragraphs. For further details, you can visit for more information.

The best place to hang a wind chime is to keep it in a place where there are two or more doors in a single line. When hanging wind chimes, you should ensure as to not place it in an area where there are people sitting or standing underneath them. You can place them just before the front door where you will come to know about the arrival of people who have just entered your house. For gardens, wooden and bamboo wind chimes are the best as they synergize with the greenery present there. Never tie metal wind chimes in gardens as the double dose of positive elements will clash.

5.     Symbols of wind chimes

The role of symbols in wind chimes must never be underestimated. This is because every symbol has a significance that reflects its personality effectively. Chinese symbols come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While there are many symbols, the most common among them is the one of Lord Buddha who is sitting in calm and tranquil pose highlighting the importance of meditation.

Among other symbols, the most prominent among them are the phoenix and dragon that are hallmarks of Chinese culture. The phoenix represents the cycle of rebirth and Resurrection that symbolize resilience whereas the dragon represents courage and good luck. Both these mythological animals are ubiquitous throughout China and have become well renowned all over the world too.

6.     Number of rods and bells

The number of rods and bells in your wind chimes is also extremely important. Every wind chime has a particular number of rods and bells. Generally, wind chimes with six and eight rods are considered to be the best ones for attracting positive energy whereas having five rods is considered to be extremely effective for removing negative energy. So it is extremely clear that we need to be careful in selecting the right number of rods and bells in order to attract the right kind of energy.

From the above, we can properly see how wind chimes can bring harmony to your house in the right way. This is how interior design blogging can go a long way in creating the right ambiance for your house. All you need to do is to follow the tips and guidelines mentioned above so as to get the best effects of these wonderful wind chimes!

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